About Awana Moye'

Integrative Nutritionist / Natural Healer, Awana Moye is a master herbalist,licensed Naturopathic healer and neuromuscular massage therapist practicing in Edina and the Twin Cities since 1999. Prior to this Awana obtained a license in Massage Therapy from the world renown AVEDA institute and she is continuing her education at the University of Minnesota focusing on health science , integrative medicine and natural disease cure research. Awana went on to complete her Naturopathic Certification from Atlanta GA Naturopathic College and is a member of th Georgia Association of Naturopathic Healers. Her own powerful experience of healing through natural treatments inspired Awana to choose naturopathic medicines as a profession. Awana Moye has a broad range of clinical integrative pain management experience encompassing, neuromuscular therapy, musculoskeletal pain and injury and immune support.

For a complete bio including my educational background and approach to massage therapy, simply give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you.